Level 3 Charger

EV chargers are split into level 1 chargers, level 2 chargers and level 3 chargers. Each level determines the energy output and how fast an EV will charge. Level 3 chargers are the most powerful and fastest chargers available at the moment. Level 3 chargers can also be known as DC fast chargers, superchargers or CHAdeMO chargers depending on where you might be charging.

What is a level 3 charger?

A level 3 charger is an electric vehicle charger that can supply at least 400 to 900 volts through a special connector and power supply line. The three main connection types or level 3 standards right now are Tesla's proprietary plug, Nissan and Mitsubishi's CHAdeMO and the Combined Charging System, CCS.

Can you install level 3 chargers in your home?

You can. However, it is not going to be worth it as once you install a high voltage power line and the level 3 charger you will have shelled out more than your car at $100,000 plus. The best solution for home charging is still the level 2 charger as it's the best balance between price and charge rate.

Why are level 3 chargers so expensive?

Level 3 chargers are expensive because their internal circuitry has to convert AC electricity to DC electricity to deliver the voltage required for fast charging of batteries.

Do level 3 chargers reduce battery life?

level 3 chargers do affect battery life as quickly charging a battery repeatedly over its lifespan puts a strain on the unit and results in reduced energy storage capacity and a shorter range.

Can all EVs use level 3 chargers?

Not all EVs can use level 3 chargers as the car might not support the connector or the fast rate of charge.

How long does level 3 charging take?

Level 3 charging time varies by car model and connection power but on average can take between 15-30 minutes to charge your car battery to full.