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We make charging your EV a simple thing.

Free MyEVOS App with your EVOS EV Home Charger.

Effortlessly manage your EVOS charging station with the EVOS MyEVOS App for home owners. With an intuitive user interface, our EV charger app allows you to control your charging station with just a few taps. Starting or stopping a charging session has never been easier.

"Since launching, we’ve unveiled our first charger, the Fleet Home 22 AC Charger and our patented Smart Start solution to help fleet and EV owners simplify and reduce the cost of charging."

Marcelo Salgado


Features Home Owners Love.

EVOS Home Solution 1

Australian Designed & Made.

EVOS designs and manufactures it's EV charging products in Australia to deliver quality, performance and innovation to the world. Our charging systems are designed to use cutting-edge technology to be safe, reliable and easy to repair, while offering a superior charging experience.

EVOS Home Solution 2

Built for Tough Conditions.

Built for tough conditions constructed with UV stabilised plastic, the evos charger is designed to withstand the harsh Australian sun and weather. This material not only offers an aesthetically pleasing look but also houses the electronic components in an IP65 rated enclosure, proving its strength in adverse conditions.

EVOS Home Solution 3

Wi-Fi Connectivity.

Experience seamless charging management via its built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing for remote monitoring and control.

EVOS Home Solution 4

Local Support and Spare Parts.

Benefit from local expertise and customer service. The team at EVOS is constantly monitoring your EV chargers to make sure they are delivering energy when you require it.

EVOS Home Solution 5

Solar Charger.

You can harness the power of solar energy like never before. When used in conjunction with an EVOS charger, our app dynamically adjusts your charging rate to align perfectly with your solar energy production. And if you have an energy storage device, the app seamlessly optimises your energy usage.