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A 360 view of your energy

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About Energy Platform.

The EVOS Energy Platform connects energy data from the EV, charging hardware, power grid and driver into one system to deliver a 360 view of energy used by the fleet. Combined with our hardware we create an ecosystem of energy managed from one platform.

Energy Platform Details.

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Australian Made.

EVOS products are designed and made in Australia.

EVOS Energy Platofrm 360 View

360 View.

Our energy platform collects data through the power grid, the charger and the EV. It monitors and adds intelligence through its 360 software to reduce the cost of energy, improve asset utilisation and maximise the benefits of EVs.

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24/7 Monitoring.

Our platform allows you to see your energy grid, EVs and charger status at any time.

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Remote Diagnostics.

Easily diagnose charger issues directly through the energy platform.

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Over The Air Updates.

EVOS automatically downloads and updates your charges to the correct software and firmware versions as our team pushes updates.