EV Strata Solutions and Services

We make strata charging simple and reliable.

Flexible, upgradable and safe.

The EVOS Strata solves who pays for power on the common power circuit in strata properties. It reduces the cost of operating EV charging in strata communities by managing energy, allocating energy cost to occupants and reduces the management time to provide EV charging.

"Since launching, we’ve unveiled our first charger, the Fleet Home 22 AC Charger and our patented Smart Start solution to help fleet and EV owners simplify and reduce the cost of charging."

Marcelo Salgado


Features Strata Managers Love.

EVOS Strata Solution 1

Energy Management.

Reduce your energy cost because upgrading electrical capacity to your building is expensive. We developed our Energy Management system which lets you install more EV charging stations that intelligently share existing power and avoid costly upgrades. EVOS will manage the individual power output of each charging station to ensure the maximum load set is never exceeded.

EVOS Strata Solution 2

Anonymous Transactions.

For chargers installed in common area carparks that are not allocated to an occupant such as visitor carparks, we place a QR code on the charger. The driver scans the code with their phone which takes them to a payment portal to pay for their charging session. This solution is simple to implement and reduces credit card reader cost, administration, and the need for drivers to sign up to apps.

EVOS Strata Solution 3

EVOS Managed Billing.

All energy usage is billed to the driver or occupant directly by EVOS. The payments collected are remitted to strata to account for the energy used by the EV drivers in the common area. Occupant or drivers will require an EVOS account.

EVOS Strata Solution 4

Embedded Network Billing.

EVOS can work with an existing energy provider to the building or can introduce a partner that specialises in EV charging to create an embedded network. EVOS provides kWh usage reports for charging stations to the embedded network owner (energy retailer) to invoice occupants for the energy used. The occupants or drivers will require an account with the energy retailer operating the EV charging network.

EVOS Strata Solution 5

Simple Dashboards.

The EVOS-Strata Platform provides easy configurable reports for billing, understanding utilization, charging behavior, energy consumption, energy cost and more.

EVOS Strata Solution 6

Full Featured Platform.

EVOS provides you a simple platform to manage the charging stations, billing and energy. The EVOS Strata platform constantly monitors your stations to make sure they are always ready to charge and provides flexibility with configuration to meet your demands.