EVOS Fleet Platform

We make charging your EVs at work simple. We help businesses manage their EV energy and reduce energy costs.

EVOS Energy Management Example

About The EVOS Fleet Platform.

The EVOS-Fleet Platform streamlines managing your EV charging infrastructure by integrating asset management, which ensures all charging infrastructure is maintained efficiently and up-to-date. Additionally, it features robust energy management tools that optimise power usage and reduce costs. The platform also delivers easy-to-understand and insightful reports that provide valuable data analytics, allowing operators to make informed decisions quickly.

Fleet Platform Details.

Flexible Charging Schedules.

You have the flexibility to plan and schedule your charging sessions across the fleet to optimise for tariffs, renewable energy, or time.

Energy Management.

Choose between dynamic or static energy management. EVOS will intelligently manage the individual power output of each charging station to ensure the maximum load set is never exceeded.

Preferential Charging.

Set preferential charging policies either on a first-come, first-served basis or tailored to individual charger levels. This feature ensures optimal usage of resources.

Powerful Dashboards.

The platform provides easily configurable reports for billing, understanding utilization, charging behaviour, energy consumption, energy cost and more.