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About EVOS-Fleet Platform.

The EVOS-Fleet Platform is designed to simplify and optimise the charging process for businesses and fleets. Our comprehensive solution focuses on energy management, enhancing asset utilisation, and providing clear insights into the energy cost.

Fleet Platform Details.

Energy Management

Because upgrading electrical capacity to your building is expensive and can take a long time, EVOS has developed Energy Management systems to let organisations install more EV charging stations that intelligently share existing power among them and avoid costly upgrades.

360 View of Energy

Our energy platform collects data through the power grid, the charger and the EV. It monitors and adds intelligence through its 360 software to reduce the cost of energy, improve asset utilisation and maximise the benefits of EVs.

24/7 Monitoring

Our platform allows you to see your energy use, EVs and charger status at any time.

Real Time Energy Decisions

EVOS will intelligently manage the individual power output of each charging station to ensure the maximum load set is never exceeded. You can choose from Dynamic or Static energy management settings.

Simple But Powerful Dashboards

Reporting and faster analysis our main dashboards act as a mission control for you. EVOS Platform provides easy configurable reports for billing, understanding utilisation, charging behaviour, energy consumption, energy cost and more. All-in-one location for cost, usage, control and carbon overview.

Software Sceenshots + Features

Energy Management Screenshot Energy Management
Asset Management Screenshot Asset Management
Site Configuration Screenshot Site Configuration
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