White Label EV Chargers

Fully brandable and white label EV chargers with matching charge cables for customers of any size.

Pheonix Contact Branded EV Charger

About EVOS White Label EV Chargers.

In the rapidly expanding landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), white label EV chargers present a unique opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand around offices and retail locations. White label charges allow your business to sell a quality Australian made charger without having to invest in the large infrastructure requirements or technology development required to make your own EV charger.

White Label Charger Details.

EVOS Made In Australia Icon

Australian Made.

Our EV chargers are designed and made in Australia.

EVOS Brandable Cover

Brandable Colours and Logo.

EVOS white label electric vehicle chargers can accommodate any colour background with your logo printed anywhere on the circular cover.

Brandable Cable

Brandable Cables.

We can brand your unit's cables by stamping a wordmark or logo on the handle of the charging cables.