EV Fleet Solutions and Services

Manage multiple electric vehicles at your workplace and offices.

All your fleet energy in one place.

EVOS Fleet simplifies charging at the workplace. Our solution combines our AC charging hardware, energy management and Smart Start to simplify the charging process and help businesses manage their fleet energy cost.

"Since launching, we’ve unveiled our first charger, the Fleet Home 22 AC Charger and our patented Smart Start solution to help fleet and EV owners simplify and reduce the cost of charging."

Marcelo Salgado


Features Fleet Managers Love.

EVOS Fleet Solution 1

Reduced Energy Costs.

The EVOS-Fleet platform helps your organization manage the fleets EV energy cost and charging assets all in one easy to use platform. Our platform utilises the rich data EVOS collects from the charging station, the EV and the electrical grid to make intelligent energy decisions and also ensures that your vehicles are charged and ready to perform.

EVOS Fleet Solution 2

Simplified Charging Process.

Removes the need to manage the third party apps and software. Our Smart Start system removes the need for employees to use RFID cards or third party apps to start and manage charge sessions. The EVOS-Fleet platform will automatically start managing the charging for the fleet vehicle when plugged into a charger. The Smart Start system will also lock out unauthorized vehicles from charging.

EVOS Fleet Solution 3

Your Uptime is Important to Us.

Local support and parts. EVOS monitors assets 24/7 with automated alerts ensure the reliability of every charging station. Our charging stations have all been designed for quick repair without the need for a technician to have you charging your vehicles as quickly as possible and keep your business running smoothly. EVOS can diagnose remotely and rectify faults with over the air updates.

EVOS Fleet Solution 4

Charging Management Made Easy.

Configurable to suit your business needs. The EVOS-Fleet platform provides flexibility to organize charging to best meet your organisations demands and optimize the use of your charging hardware. The platform allows you to oversee your EV charging process in real time with scheduled charging, allocated preferential charging and smart tariff selection.

EVOS Fleet Solution 5

Simple Reports.

The EVOS-Fleet Platform offers fleet operators access to real-time insights, reporting and faster analysis. Our main dashboards act as a mission control for you to dive into your data quickly, showing the results of your energy cost and assets.

EVOS Fleet Solution 6

EV Energy as a Service.

A turnkey solution that turns the CAPEX cost into a simple OPEX cost for fleets. Turnkey solution that removes the cost of installing, operating and maintaining the charging infrastructure. The CAPEX cost turns into a simple OPEX cost for fleets paid on their energy bill.