A modern smartphone app for controlling every aspect of charging your electric vehicle

EVOS SB7 Home EV Charger

About MyEVOS App.

MyEVOS app empowers you to manage your charging sessions directly from your smartphone. Designed to make EV charging seamless and straightforward, our app puts the power of managing your charging sessions in the palm of your hand.

MyEVOS App Details.

EVOS Made In Australia Icon

Australian Made.

EVOS products are designed and made in Australia.

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Flexible Charging Schedules.

With our system, you have the flexibility to plan and schedule your charging sessions. This feature delivers substantial cost savings by capitalising on off-peak electricity rates.

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Monitor your Charging Sessions.

MyEVOS App provides detailed information on each charging session, so you know exactly how much power your EV is drawing and how long it will take to fully charge.

EVOS Indoor and Outdoor Charging

Simplified Control.

The app allows you to control your charging station with just a few taps. Starting or stopping a charging session has never been easier.

EVOS EV Charger

Start/Stop Your Charge Session.

MyEVOS App allows you to start or stop your charge session at your convenience.