EVOS Energy Management

Charge more EVs with less capacity

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About Energy Management.

Because upgrading electrical capacity to your building is expensive and can take a long time, EVOS' Energy Management systems allows you to install more EV charging stations that intelligently share existing power between them and avoid costly upgrades. EVOS manage the individual power output of each charging station to ensure the maximum load set is never exceeded.

Energy Management Details.

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Capacity Energy Matching System.

Capacity energy matching system allows for either a whole building or selected circuits capacity to potentially be used for EV charging. The real time monitoring of the buildings power circuits and main power feed allows EVOS to safely over subscribe the charging circuits and match total spare capacity to charging demand.

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Dynamic Energy Balancing System.

DEB allows your organization to install a large number of EV charging stations to the EV power circuit without increasing electrical capacity. DEB constantly monitors the power capacity used in the charger power circuit and automatically allocates the available power capacity to charging your EVs. DEB ensures it never exceeds the power circuits limits and doesn't overload your electrical circuit.

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Australian Made.

EVOS products are designed and made in Australia.

How Does It Work?

EVOS will intelligently manage the individual power output of each charging station to ensure the maximum load set is not exceeded.

We utilise the rich data EVOS collects from the charging station, the grid and the site to make real-time energy decisions that help your organisations avoid electrical infrastructure upgrades and manage ongoing electricity costs such as utility demand chargers.