EV Business Solutions and Services

Our integrated approach is designed to make the charging process easier, smarter, and more efficient.

We make charging your EVs a simple thing.

Our solution combines our AC charging hardware, energy management and EVOS platform to simplify the charging process and help businesses manage their EV charging site.

"Since launching, we’ve unveiled our first charger, the Fleet Home 22 AC Charger and our patented Smart Start solution to help fleet and EV owners simplify and reduce the cost of charging."

Marcelo Salgado


Features Business Owners Love.

EVOS Home Solution 1

Monitor Your Charging Sessions.

Keep a close eye on your EV's charging progress with real-time data. The EVOS Driver App provides detailed information on each charging session, so you know exactly how much power your EV is drawing and how long it will take to fully charge.

EVOS Home Solution 2

Your Uptime Is Important.

Benefit from local expertise and customer service. The team at EVOS is constantly monitoring your EV chargers to make sure they are delivering energy when you require it.

EVOS Home Solution 3

Energy Management.

Because upgrading electrical capacity to your building is expensive and can take a long time, EVOS' Energy Management systems allows you to install more EV charging stations that intelligently share existing power between them and avoid costly upgrades. EVOS manage the individual power output of each charging station to ensure the maximum load set is never exceeded.

EVOS Home Solution 4

Seamless Connectivity.

Stay connected with integrated 4G and or Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling remote energy management and real-time updates.

EVOS Home Solution 5

Simple But Powerful Dashboards.

Reporting and faster analysis our main dashboards act as a mission control for you. EVOS Platform provides easy configurable reports for billing, understanding utilization, charging behavior, energy consumption, energy cost and more All-in-one location for cost, usage, control and carbon overview..