Level 2 Charger

EV chargers are split into level 1 chargers, level 2 chargers and level 3 chargers. Each level determines the energy output and how fast an EV will charge. Level 2 chargers are fast, reliable and offer the best performance to flexibility for most households and businesses.

What is a level 2 charger?

A level 2 charger is an electric vehicle charger that uses the full 240V mains supply, similar to a dryer or washing machine to charge a car. Level 2 chargers use a variety of advanced safety features to ensure chargers and cables are only providing power once plugged into an electric vehicle. An electric vehicle can then negotiate the maximum kW potential of the batteries to charge the car as fast as possible from the level 2 charger. Most cars will charge at different rates (3.3kW, 7kW, 19kW and 22kW) depending on the battery management system and components.

How fast is level 2 charging?

Level 2 chargers can charge at a variety of different speeds depending on the car and the charger. Level 2 chargers are much faster than level 1 chargers and are generally sold in either 7kW or 22kW setups. A 22kW charger for example will be able to charge a Tesla 100kWh battery in around 5 hours whereas a level 1 charger will take around 50 hours.

Is level 2 charging bad for the battery?

Level 2 chargers are not bad for the battery and are actually the optimum chargers for longevity and safety.

Do car manufacturers recommend lvl1 or lvl2 chargers for battery electric vehicles?

Most car manufacturers recommend a level 2 charger over a level 1 charger for battery electric vehicles as the faster charging rate increases the utility of your vehicle and the advanced features of the charger can decrease operating costs by charging at optimal electricity rates.