Where To Put An EV Charger In Your Garage: Install Tips From Professionals

by EVOS Staff 2 February 2024
EV Charger Located In Garage

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), more homeowners are facing the question of where to install their EV chargers in their garages. The placement of an EV charger is not just a matter of convenience; it also involves safety, accessibility, and maximizing charging efficiency. We asked our experienced electric vehicle installation partners and local electricians for their best practices and tips to help guide you in finding the best spot for your EV charger in your garage.

Proximity to the Vehicle’s Charging Port

The most logical starting point is the location of the charging port on your vehicle. Most EVs have their charging ports located near the front or rear quarter panels. Ideally, the charger should be installed in a way that the charging cable can easily reach the port without stretching or creating a tripping hazard. This often means placing the charger on the same side of the garage as the car’s charging port.

Accessibility and Safety

Accessibility is paramount. The charger should be easily reachable and not obstructed by other objects in the garage. Also, consider the path you will take to reach the charger. It should be clear of obstacles that could pose a tripping hazard, especially in the dark. Safety is another critical factor. The charger should be installed in a location that’s not prone to flooding or excessive moisture, and away from flammable materials.

Power Source Considerations

The location of your garage’s power supply can significantly influence where you can install the charger. It’s more cost-effective to install the charger close to the existing power supply to minimize the need for additional wiring. Consult with a professional electrician to assess the power supply in your garage and determine the most efficient placement based on your garage’s layout.

Future-proofing Your Setup

As EV technology evolves, so does the need for higher-powered chargers. When deciding on a location, consider the possibility of future upgrades. Ensure there’s enough space around the charger for larger models or additional equipment that may be needed down the line.

Aesthetics and Practicality

While functionality is key, the aesthetic aspect shouldn’t be overlooked. The charger should not only be practical but also blend well with the garage’s interior. Some homeowners prefer to have the charger hidden or integrated into a cabinet to maintain a clean look. However, this should not compromise the accessibility or safety of the device.

Special Considerations for Shared or Small Garages

In shared or small garages, space constraints can make charger placement challenging. In such cases, wall-mounted chargers with cable management are ideal. This will keep the garage tidy and reduce hazards.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect spot for your EV charger in the garage is a balance of practicality, safety, and convenience. By considering the location of your vehicle’s charging port, ensuring easy and safe access, taking into account the power source, planning for future upgrades, and keeping aesthetics in mind, you can create an efficient and convenient charging setup in your garage. Remember, consulting with a professional electrician is always recommended to ensure that your installation meets all safety standards and requirements. As EVs continue to evolve, so will the ways we integrate their needs into our daily lives, starting right in our own garages.