The EVOS Fleet Home22: The AC EV Charger that Outpaces the Rest

by EVOS Staff 21 June 2023
Evos AC EV Charger

Looking for an reliable, robust, and intelligent EV charging solutions. Among the many EV chargers available in the market, the EVOS Fleet Home22 stands out, not only for its state-of-the-art technology but also its impressive performance, versatility, and resilience. Here’s why the EVOS Fleet Home22, designed in Brisbane and made in Australia, is the best AC EV charger you can find.

Efficiency and Convenience: The EVOS Fleet Home22 is not your regular EV charger. It revolutionizes the way we perceive charging technology, thanks to its unparalleled ease of use. Can you imagine swapping a charging cable in less than five minutes? With the Fleet Home22, you can. It eliminates the unnecessary hassle and significantly reduces downtime, ensuring your EV is ready to go when you are.

Portable and Adaptable: One of the standout features of the EVOS Fleet Home22 is its ability to be uninstalled. This feature caters to the growing mobile lifestyle of the current era, enabling you to take the charger wherever you need it, ensuring you’re never left stranded without a charging solution.

Resilient and Robust: Built to withstand the toughest of conditions, the EVOS Fleet Home22 is IP65 and IK10 rated. This means it is dust-tight, protected against low-pressure water jets from any direction, and resistant to up to 20 joules impact. These ratings ensure that your charger is safe from dust and water, and can withstand a significant amount of mechanical impact.

One Size Fits All: The up to 22kW AC Charger from EVOS is a universal solution that caters to all vehicle charging requirements. This feature eliminates the need for multiple chargers and saves you the expense of replacing the charger when you upgrade your EV. Furthermore, this reduction in asset types simplifies asset management and reduces costs—a double win.

Homegrown Excellence: Lastly, the EVOS Fleet Home22 takes pride in its roots. It’s designed in Brisbane and made in Australia, reflecting the country’s commitment to innovative solutions for a greener world. Its local production ensures that every charger meets the highest quality standards while contributing to the local economy.

The EVOS Fleet Home22 isn’t just a good choice for an AC EV charger—it’s the best. With its unparalleled convenience, adaptability, resilience, and smart technology, it stands at the forefront of EV charging solutions. Above all, its Australian design and manufacturing speak volumes about its quality and reliability. The EVOS Fleet Home22 is more than a charger; it’s a commitment to a sustainable, efficient, and green future.