EVOS Breaks Ground with First Australian Manufactured Electric Vehicle Fleet Charger Installation

Brisbane, Australia, June 8, 2022 – EVOS, the Brisbane-based electric vehicle (EV) fleet energy management and AC charging specialists, has installed the first Australian manufactured Home and Fleet charger, the EVOS Fleet Home 22 AC Charger, at a site in Maroochydore, Queensland.

The installation announcement coincides with the general availability of the charger for sale to the public.

The milestone installation, at the headquarters of electric services company LPE in the centre of Maroochydore, features EVOS’ patented Energy Management Software, which instinctively chooses the ideal idle time for the charger to charge the EV when possible – either overnight in non-peak periods or during business hours, for instance. It can also control charge rate, speed and power to ensure owners can manage their energy output, thus reducing the costs of charging at home as much as possible.

The unit has been designed to be easily installable and uninstalled, ensuring TCO is reduced as homeowners and fleet operators can easily uninstall and shift the charger to a new property or location should their parking situation change.

The EVOS Fleet Home 22 AC Charger retails for $2,200, with EVOS’ Energy Management Software included. is available for purchase through AMPOL and EVOS ENERGY, while strata companies can purchase the charger for properties through LPE.

EVs on the Rise: EVOS to meet demand locally with smart offering and hiring spree.

The first installation of the EVOS Fleet home 22 AC Charger comes at a time when Australia is ramping up its transition to electric vehicles. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ most recent Motor Vehicle Census, as of January 31 this year there were more than 23,000 electric vehicle registrations, an increase of 62.3 per cent on the previous year.

Furthermore, the recent and dramatic increase in petrol prices has put electric vehicles firmly in the sights of consumers looking to purchase their next car, according to EVOS CEO and co-founder, Marcelo Salgado.

“One of the key benefits to owning an electric vehicle is reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and recharging at home, or at work,” he said. “To make the most of this convenience, people need to be able to charge at home at greater speed than that available from a standard home plug, and also manage when they recharge so that they keep their electricity bills as low as possible. Our charger and its software address those issues.”

The EVOS Fleet Home22 AC Charger can be installed either single phase or three phase to provide flexibility for homeowners, and to businesses providing charging for fleet vehicles. It can deliver up to 22kW of power which, over an hour, can provide the average EV with as much as 120km range.

Vehicles are stationary most of the time, and the EVOS Fleet Home22 AC Charger allows EV owners to utilise idle time at night (up to 10 hours) or during work hours to charge their EV in the most economical way. Its patented Energy Management Software manages the best time, speed and rate to charge vehicles, and reduces the cost of upgrading electrical infrastructure and the general demand on chargers which can lead to wear and tear.

The company had already received significant interest from prospective buyers across the country following the unveiling of the charger in November last year. To meet the demand for home charging equipment, EVOS is set to hire 26 people in the next 12 months, with six roles currently open.

“We’re proudly Australian owned, with an Australian-designed charger that is manufactured in Brisbane,” said Salgado. “We want people to get involved and be part of something innovative and exciting, in a sector set to skyrocket in the years to come.”

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