Range Anxiety

Range anxiety is this feeling of worry or nervousness EV drivers experience, particularly new ones, about whether their car's battery will have enough charge to reach their destination. It's like when you're on a road trip in a gasoline car and the fuel gauge is inching closer to empty, but you're not sure where the next gas station is. That bit of unease you feel? That's pretty much range anxiety but in the context of EVs.

What causes range anxiety?

Firstly, EVs generally have a shorter range compared to traditional gasoline cars. Although this is rapidly changing with new technology, most EVs can travel between 160 to 480 kilometres on a full charge, depending on the model and driving conditions. This can feel limiting, especially if you're used to the longer range of gas vehicles.

Secondly, the charging infrastructure, while growing, isn't as widespread as gas stations yet. This can make finding a charging station a bit of a challenge, particularly in rural areas or on less-travelled routes.

Lastly, there's the time it takes to charge. Unlike the quick fill-up at a gas station, charging an EV, especially from a regular home outlet, can take several hours. Even fast chargers, which are popping up more frequently, take about 30 minutes to get a decent charge. So, if you're running low on battery, it's not just a quick pit stop.

How do you solve range anxiety?

Range anxiety is becoming less of an issue as technology and infrastructure improve. Newer EV models are boasting longer ranges, and the network of charging stations is growing rapidly. Plus, many EV drivers find that once they get accustomed to their vehicle's range and start planning their trips around it, that anxiety fades away.

Solving range anxiety is all about getting into a new routine and understanding your car's capabilities. And for daily use, most people find that their EV has more than enough range to handle their regular commute and errands. It's usually long trips where range anxiety can kick in, but with a bit of planning, even that becomes a non-issue.