Why IP65 Is Important

by EVOS Staff 15 May 2023
EVOS IP65 Certified Charger

IP65 enclosures provide two main benefits for power electronics: protection against dust and protection against water. The “6” in IP65 denotes the highest level of protection against solid objects, including dust, while the “5” means the device is protected against low-pressure jets of water from all directions.

Dust Protection: Power electronics often operate in environments where dust and other particulates are a concern. Dust can interfere with the operation of electronic components, potentially causing them to overheat or fail. An IP65 enclosure ensures that these particulates cannot penetrate the device, ensuring its consistent and reliable operation.

Water Protection: Power electronics may also be exposed to moisture, whether due to rain, humidity, or other sources of water. This is especially important in APAC countries with high humidity or frequent rainfall. An IP65 enclosure protects against water damage, even from jets of water, ensuring that the electronic components remain dry and functional.

Specific use cases for IP65

Outdoor Electronics: In countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines where the monsoon season is a recurring phenomenon, outdoor power electronics like lighting, communication, or EV charging infrastructure would greatly benefit from IP65 enclosures. This ensures they can continue operating reliably even in harsh weather conditions.

Marine and Coastal Applications: In coastal areas and island nations like Australia, Japan, and Singapore, salt in the air can be corrosive to electronic devices. An IP65 enclosure can protect power electronics in such environments.

Infrastructure in Rural or Remote Areas: For countries with vast rural or remote areas, like China and Australia, power electronics might need to endure dust, rain, and other environmental challenges. IP65-rated devices will ensure reliable operation under these conditions.

Overall, an IP65 enclosure allows power electronics to operate reliably and safely in a variety of challenging environments, making them a good fit for diverse conditions across the APAC region.

All the EVOS AC chargers are IP65. The IP65 rating means the EVOS charger can be installed indoors or outdoors, offering unparalleled flexibility in installation site location. Regardless of where you choose to place it, the charger is designed to perform efficiently and reliably.