How Fast Can I Charge my EV With an AC Charger?

by EVOS Staff 7 December 2023
Fast Level 2 AC Charger

Your choice of an electric vehicle AC charger significantly influences how quickly you can charge your EV. For those regularly on the move, investing in a higher power capacity AC charger can simplify your charging and reduce your charge time significantly.

AC Charging: What’s the power difference?

AC chargers are differentiated by their power ratings (kW). The power outlet in your garage is commonly called a GPO and is rated at 2.4kW. Common AC charger power ratings in Australia are 3.5kW, 7.4kW, 11kW, and 22kW.

How much power you can charge your EV will also depend on the size of the onboard charger. Most EVs in Australia will have an onboard inverter ranging from 7.6kW to 22kW.

AC Power RatingkWh Delivered in 1hr (99% efficiency)km Added in 1hrTime to Add 400kmkm Added in 10hrs
GPO (2.4kW)2.376 kWh11.88 km33.7 hrs118.8 km
3.5kW3.465 kWh17.325 km23.1 hrs173.25 km
7.4kW7.326 kWh36.63 km10.9 hrs366.3 km
11kW10.89 kWh54.45 km7.3 hrs544.5 km
22kW21.78 kWh108.9 km3.7 hrs1089 km

Speed vs. Power: An 11kW charger provides nearly three times the range in an hour compared to a 3.4kW charger. Therefore, upgrading to a higher power AC charger significantly boosts your charging speed.

Overnight Charging: If you typically charge your EV overnight (for about 10 hours), using an 11kW charger can add a whopping 544.5 km, which is more than most electric vehicle battery capacities. Considering most Australians drive less than 200 km per day, you actually don’t need a lot of time to replenish the energy you have used on your daily commute.

The Big Trip: If you are planning a big trip or a holiday, you can be ready to drive with a full battery by just plugging in the night before.

Future-Proofing: As EVs evolve and come with larger battery capacities, having a more potent charger at home means you’re better prepared for the future. A 22kW charger, for instance, ensures quicker full charges even as batteries grow in capacity.