Smart Start

The patented Smart Start system provides a simple way of managing the charging of EVs without the need for third party software and the use of RFID tags, smartphone apps or fuel cards. Smart Start turns your AC charger into an intelligent EV charging system.

More Data, Smarter Decisions

Our AC charger integrated with our patented Smart Start system provides rich data both from the vehicle, charger and user. This combination enables us to reduce the cost of energy, improve the use of energy and verify key data.

Plug In and Forget

  • Automatic charger authentication
  • Only allows authorised cars to utilise your charger
  • Allows roaming on other EV charging networks
  • Employee energy reimbursement
  • Optimise energy use

Do you have other hardware installed or have to use a specified brand? No Problem, Smart Start is hardware agnostic!
EVOS Smart Start allows fleets and strata communities to simplify charging and provides the data to manage energy. The rich data and controlability Smart Start provides enables you to negotiate better power rates, verify energy data and reduce your cost.

For Fleets

  • Allows employees to charge at home
  • GPS Tracking for route planning
  • Verify crucial data
  • Monitor driver behavior
  • Program better utilisation of your energy

For Strata

  • Allocate common power to units
  • Restrict access
  • Reduce RFID card management
  • API to your systems
  • Manage energy tariffs

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