EVOS 360 Energy Platform

The EVOS 360 platform connects the energy data from the electric vehicle, EV charging hardware, power grid and driver into one system to deliver a 360 view of energy used by the fleet. Combined with our hardware we create an ecosystem of energy that allows you manage from one platform.

360 View Of Your Energy

Providing a 360 view of energy used by the EV fleet, allows to maximise the benefit of EVs. EVOS collects vital data through its proprietary hardware at all three key energy stages. It monitors and adds intelligence through it’s 360 Software to reduce the cost of energy, improve asset utilisation and maximise the benefits of EVs. The 360 Platform uses state of the art encryption to secure data through all data points.

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How We Reduce Your Energy Cost

  • Tariff Selection
  • Load management
  • Schedule Charging
  • Route Planning
  • Driver behavior

The EVOS 360 Platform helps you make decisions on how to utilise the energy powering your electric fleet in the most cost effective and efficient way.
The EVOS 360 platform does more than manage your energy; it ensures your hardware is always functional and minimises down time. The system has been designed to simplify the operation of your EV park.

Operational continuity

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Predictive servicing
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Over the air updates
  • MTBF & MTTR tracking


  • Smart Start
  • Emissions reporting
  • Integration to current BMS
  • API
  • All energy on one platform
Do you have other hardware installed or have to use a specified brand? No Problem, our platform is hardware agnostic!