Our EV Solutions

We develop the hardware and software to help you create your own private EV charging parks for your electric vehicle fleet. Our charging systems are designed using cutting-edge technology to be safe, reliable and easy to repair, while offering a superior charging experience. We rigorously test all our products to ensure they are rugged and built to withstand the heavy demands of fleets.

AC Chargers

Home Satellite

Up to 22kW home AC EV charger…

Fleet Twin

Dual 22kW AC charger for fleets…


Smart Start

simple way of managing charging of electric vehicles without the need for the use of RFID tags or apps…

EVOS 360

Energy data from the EV, charging hardware, power grid and driver into one system to deliver a 360 view of energy…

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EV Energy as a Service

Our EV Energy as a Service solution breaks down the barriers to converting your fleet to electric.  We save you the time and cost of selecting hardware, software, installing and maintaining hardware and managing the cost of electricity. We remove the guessing game of how much your EV fleet is costing you.
EVOS manages how the power gets to your site, how the power on site is used and the mode of delivery to your electric vehicles. We provide energy and charging redundancy and assurance that you can operate your vehicles.
The EVOS EV-EaaS removes the CAPEX cost of purchasing hardware, software and energy and turns into a simple OPEX cost for you that you pay monthly on your electricity bill.

We Make It Simple with a Fixed Fee per kWh or km on your EVOS power bill

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